Achievements, Awards, and Certifications


  • 2018 Xpert Pole Dance Instructor L1+2 Certified
  •  2021 NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • 2021 CPR Certified


  • 2016 Buenos Aires Amateaur Pole Championship – 1st Place

  • 2019 Pacific Pole Championship – 1st Place L4 Championship
  • 2019 Exotic Generation – 3rd Place groups

  • 2020 PSO Virgo Virtual Pole Championship – 3rd Place L5 Artistic


-‘When Lilith Speaks’ Virtual Show
*Two choreographed solo pole performances
– ‘Perflection’ Music Video – Alray
*Aerial Silk + Contact staff performances
-‘Call Up’ Music video – Thaslegend
*Fire eating, fire dancing, gogo dancing performances
-‘Lace & Lingerie’ Valentine’s Day Show
*Solo pole performance
-PSO Virgo Virtual Pole Championship
*3rd place choreographed solo pole dancing performance
‘Let’s Get Weird’ BLM Virtual Fundraiser Show
*Solo choreographed pole performance
-‘Good to be Bad’ Music video – Talii
*Fire eating performance
-‘Love Prevails’ Valentine’s Day show
*Choreographed LED aerial cube quartet
Talento, Tengo Mucho Talento – Estrella TV show
*Choreographed pole dance duet performance
CirqueLunaire presents: Liminal
*Co-produced show 

Choreographed Aerial Cube Quartet Performance
Doubles Exotic Pole Performance
Solo Pole Performance

-Warner Brothers Holiday Party with Aeriologists
*Ambient aerial hoop + aerial bartending performances
-‘Speed it Up’ Music video – Talii
*Fire eating performance
-Dia de los Muertos Art Walk
*Ambient Solo Aerial Silks + Ambient LED Aerial Cube performances
-Pole Candy Fashion Show
*Two Solo Pole Performances + cat walk
-Same Same but Different Music Festival
*Multiple Group & Solo Ambient Aerial Silks, Lyra, Aerial Cube and Chandelyra Performances

-Burning Man

*Solo choreographed pole performance
-Exotic Generation Competition
*3rd Place Choreographed trio pole dance performance
-Love Long Beach Festival
*Solo Ambient Aerial Silks and Aerial Hoop Performances

-Sadies Pole Studio Showcase

*Group Pole Performances (2) 

Group Exotic Pole Performance

-Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival
*Solo choreographed pole performance
-Pacific Pole Championship
*1st Place solo choreographed pole performance
-Sadies Pole Studio Showcase
*Solo Pole Performance 
Group Pole Performance
Doubles Pole Performance
Group Aerial Cube Performance
-‘The Beauty Within’ Valentine’s Day Dinner Circus Show
*Choreographed Pole duet performance
-‘Live.Me Starry Night’ Promo Event
*Solo pole + gogo dancing performances
-Amateaur Pole Championship
*1st Place solo choreographed pole performance
-Art Dance Studio Showcase
*Solo choreographed pole performance
Quartet choreographed aerial silk performance
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